6/1/2018.  Shake Your Body (Variations) released.​
So I created a new song, a variation of Shake Your Body, aptly called Shake Your Body (Variations), and it's totally awesome.  I've never combined so many different keyboards and drum machines together in one song before.  You will hear the following instruments: Yamaha DX7, Yamaha V50, Roland Juno-60, Roland Juno-106, Roland TR-707, Oberheim DMX, and Yamaha Motif XS-8. Enjoy! I love it.

3/12/2017.  Andy Candies re-released.​

Andyroo has reworked his song Shabbalina Aaron and re-released his album Andy Candies with some notable changes and additions.  "I realized after a time that Shabbalina Aaron was never finished.  It needed more vocals and keyboards, and it needed to be mastered properly.  It's such a great song, and I wanted to give it the love and time that it deserves. I'm so happy with the finished song now, and I live to it every day."


6/1/2016.  Andyroo Trois: Return of Z Roi re-released.

Andyroo has re-mastered, re-edited and re-arranged his third major music album to new perfection: the way it was always meant to be.  "About half of the album consists of live recordings from my junior piano recital at Oberlin Conservatory of Music: just me and a 9-foot Steinway concert grand piano.  Since they are analog tape recordings, I used modern digital technologies to remove excess tape hiss and make them truly sparkle. And Wendy Frank's incredible vocals can be heard on two of the songs, Come Fly Away With Me and Do You Still Remember.  The rest of the album is more of my electronic dance music, for an amazingly eclectic and wonderful little music album. 30 minutes of ANDYROO bliss. Enjoy!"


10/31/2015.   Shake Your Body feat. WENDY released.
ANDYROO has re-released his EP, Andyroo 5 Alive, with his song Shake Your Body remade featuring his friend WENDY Frank. "WENDY has the ultimate singing voice and we've been making music together since college at Oberlin, so I turned Shake Your Body into a duet between us, added some more keyboards, and voila! It's perfect. :)"


6/21/2015.   Andyroo 5 Alive EP released.

ANDYROO's new EP, Andyroo 5 Alive, has been released around the world on iTunes to everywhere! Andy's great new songs Shake Your Body and Ethereal Trance Number 262 are now available for purchase and download.

5/21/2015. New music album, Andyroo 5 Alive, coming soon.

ANDYROO is currently working on his 5th major music album, Andyroo 5 Alive, and will soon release an EP preview of the album on iTunes featuring his new songs Shake Your Body and Ethereal Trance Number 262.  The album marks a return to Andyroo's 'happy dance music' and is 'very 80s,' featuring lots of Yamaha DX7 & V50, Roland TR-707 and Fairlight C.M.I., the venerated electronic musical instruments of the 1980s, which Andyroo combines with today's synthesizers. Andyroo 5 Alive features new songs and remixes of previous works.  'It may be my best album yet, and is probably the most fun for me to create.' Expect the EP this summer and the full album in the summer of 2016.