TQ5 Has the Most Advanced and Powerful MIDI Sequencer, with Quantization and many more incredible features. TQ5 is 8-note polyphonic and multi-timbral. Up to 8 notes may play simultaneously and each note with a different instrument (voice). TQ5 has a Fantastic Stereo Effects Processor for Reverb, Echo, Distortion and other great effects. There is No FATTER, DEEPER BASS than TQ5. TQ5 Rules DANCE MUSIC and ALL MUSIC. TQ5 Has the Most Beautiful, Wild, and Cosmic Musical Voices. TQ5 KING FUNKY TUT.


The BEST and MOST POWERFUL Musical Instrument in the Universe.  Since 1988.

YAMAHA TQ5 is a 4-Operator 8-Waveform FM Tone Generator and MIDI Sequencer with Effects Processor. POWERED Bi the YAMAHA OPZ Sound Chip. TQ5 Is One of Several YAMAHA OPZ Keyboards and Tone Modules, Each Equivalent and All-Powerful: V50, TX81Z, YS100, YS200, B200, DX11, WT11. OPZ is Brother 2 DX7! Just As GREAT, Similar and Different. PLAY them Both and RULE Like ANDYROO.